Dior Hydra Life – Lotion to Foam Cleanser

Let’s talk Dior!

 I have been using a few of their products for a while now, but today we are discussing the fairly new Hydra Life Lotion to Foam Cleanser.     

This product comes in a 6.3 FL OZ plastic bottle with a pumping action top & retails for $42 US Dollars.

It has a strong floral Dior Signature scent to it, which I personally am obsessed with. It just does something good for my soul.

The solution does have a lotion like feeling when put on the skin with water when you wash your face, but DO NOT expect it to feel moisturized after the fact. I have combination skin, which is where most of my face is dry, except for my “T Zone,” which can become oily. After using this product my skin feels very dry & tight. I personally love this feeling. It makes my moisturizer feel that much more refreshing when I apply it. 

This product will strip everything off of your face & do it with very little product. It’s so powerful in fact that I also take about a half pump in my palm & take my wet makeup brushes & swirl them around in my hand to clean them. You will see your makeup melt off of your brushed with this. 

So for my final thoughts YES this product is Foxé Dame APPROVED √.

It has a steep price tag, but it is a luxury product therefore you are paying for Christian Dior’s name. If you like to have your skin squeaky clean & tight feeling at the end of the night & enjoy a delish fragrance that stays on your skin for hours then this is for you. Plus it can clean your makeup brushes as an added bonus. Remember a little goes along way. 


The Foxé Dame


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FTC DISCLAIMER – This review is not Sponsored nor are there any Affiliate links. Item has been purchased with my own money. 

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2017, Jessica Collins 




2 thoughts on “Dior Hydra Life – Lotion to Foam Cleanser

    1. Awww thanks! Yeh compared to the price of most name brand cleansers it’s comparable. I seriously love it & it lasts along time like at least 2-3 months (1 pump per day) & welcome! 🙂

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