SeneGence ShadowSense


    Before I start my review on this product let me be clear that all of my reviews are MY opinion & MY personal experiences. I say this because, this review may be controversial since the company SeneGence sells its products via independent networking. As a matter of fact I have friends that are selling these products & have been very successful, so whether or not I approve or disapprove any of this companies products, remember I am one person with one opinion. What works for some, may not work for others. I also am going to keep my blog 100% honest, so without further ado let’s get to reviewing!

    I recently purchased the product ShadowSense by SeneGence in the color Lemon Quartz which is apparently a ‘Unicorn.” I have been super excited to try this product because of all the hype the Lipsense has caused. As soon as I picked it up I went to playing around with it. I also found out after testing the product that there were some things I did not like. 

  • First thing I did not like was the smell. It smells like sour yogurt
  • Second thing I did not like was that it wasnt true to the color of the online pictures I had seen
  • Third thing I did not like was that it does not blend well with other colors (powdered eyeshadow) 
  • Fourth & last thing I did not like was the price. I did get a great deal on mine for $19.80 USD however normally they are $22 USD & then you may be taxed, fee’d, & have to pay for shipping. Honestly all of that for 1 color? You can buy a much higher end color palette at Sephora such as, Bobbi Brown Nude Drama Eyeshadow Palette Limited Edition for $59 USD & get 12 shades that all coordinate. You do the math…

   With that said you do only have so many seconds to blend it out (brush is best) before it dries & I mean damn near permanently dries on your skin. So place it how you want it exactly first & then blend in the rest of your colors. BUT there were some things I did like. 

  • First thing I did like was that it is buildable for a more intense & true color
  • Second thing I did like was that it stays put & cannot be rubbed off
  • Third & final thing I did like was that it does not crease or wrinkle your eyelid up, & you can’t feel that its on your skin

    So for my final thoughts. I would say this product is NOT Foxé Dame Approved √. I would much rather spend my money on a high quality palette that offers multiple colors. I also am not the person to wear 1 shade which I feel this product would work best that way on the eye for a quick easy pop of color. So if you are that person I will link it down below for you to check out. Was it horrible … no, but it was not my cup of tea. Will I use the rest of it because I paid for it … yes, yes I will on days when I want to look one dimensional. 


The Foxé Dame




SeneGence ShadowSense

FTC DISCLAIMER – This review is not Sponsored nor are there any Affiliate links. Item has been purchased with my own money. 

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2017, Jessica Collins 

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