The Naked Bee

The Naked Bee 

    About 7 years ago in the gift shop at Big Cedar Lodge located in Branson MO, I stumbled across this company called The Naked Bee. That day I played around smelling all their products until I came across this lotion called Orange Blossom Honey. I about died from the scent (in a good way haha) so I bought it, but was it worth my purchase?

    The Naked Bee Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion in the scent Orange Blossom Honey comes in a 6.7 FL OZ supple plastic bottle with a flip top & retails for ABOUT $10 – $15 USD. My most recent bottle cost me $14.99 at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center. Prices vary because you have to track down “carriers” of this companies products & for some reason the prices are always different. Best deals I have found is on AMAZON, especially the 2 pack deals. This lotion is PH-balanced, hypoallergenic, & noncomedogenic. They claim to have “All of the Good Stuff & None of the Bad Stuff,” which I will link their site at the end for you to read the details of what exactly that means.

    The product’s scent is exactly as described, it so delicious smelling you almost want to eat it, but please don’t. The texture is semi thick & creamy. It glides onto your skin with super moisturizing power. It hydrates my skin, which is extremely dry, very well. It almost has a whipped feel to it. Also the packaging is super cute. 

   So for my final thoughts, is this Foxé Dame Approved? ABSOLUTELY YES!

    I love this lotion & buy it anytime I can get my hands on it. I think it’s about time that I purchase some of their other products as well. They have so many more options since I first discovered them & I will admit they are also becoming much easier to find in person. I am a fan of that, because most places have testers, which is almost a must for me before I purchase things. 


The Foxé Dame


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FTC DISCLAIMER – This review is not Sponsored nor are there any Affiliate links. Item has been purchased with my own money.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2017, Jessica Collins

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