Westin White Tea & Aloe Bath Oil

Westin White Tea & Aloe Bath Oil

    If you haven’t heard of the Westin Hotels then you are missing out! I have stayed at multiple Westin’s spread out over the USA pushing close to a decade now. These literally are my FAVORITE hotels. They are a higher end brand & make you feel super lux. But enough about the hotel, lets talk about one of their products they sale. 

    Westin Hotels have a signature scent called White Tea, & let me tell you it is too DIE for! It honestly is my most favorite scent. I LIVE for it! I do not know why I am so obsessed with this floral-ish scent but it makes me feel so euphoric. It also brings back so many amazing memories while staying at their properties. I recently visited their online store to see if there was any good deals & low n’ behold they were/are having a 25% off sale. So I went ahead and scooped me up the bath oil. 

    This plastic bottle contains 7 ounces of product. This retails for $22.95 USD but is on sale for $17.21 USD right now. You can also subscribe for 1 year & get it monthly for $16.95 USD with a savings of $72.00 USD per year. You may cancel the subscription at any time. It is paba, paraben, & dye free. Some of the ingredients found in this product are White Tea, Aloe, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil and Omega-6 fatty acids. If you haven’t caught on yet it is also a BATH OIL (hence the name duh), but guess what I did not pay attention to this wording when I purchased it. So lets say I was shocked when I went to get out of the bath & realized I was super oily & so was my tub. Don’t worry though just take some dawn dish soap & rinse your tub out so you don’t break your neck in the shower haha, but seriously though…

    When I cracked open this bottle & started to pour it under the stream of hot bath water, I almost shed a tear. The fragrance lived up to everything & more! All my memories came flooding back & made me so happy. After I realized I was covered in oil I was even more excited & felt stupid at the same time for not paying attention to the wording. We moved to a super dry ass climate & coming from damn near 100 % humidity for the last 4 years, my skin is DISGUSTINGLY DRY AF! So this was a great way to end the night super moisturized. A bonus too was crawling into bed with the fragrance all over me. Def a good way to fall asleep. 

    So let’s cut to the chase here. Is this Foxé Dame Approved? EEEEYASSSSSS! Yes it is!


The Foxé Dame 


Westin Bath Oil – Get It Now While It’s On Sale!

FTC DISCLAIMER – This review is not Sponsored nor are there any Affiliate links. Item has been purchased with my own money.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2017, Jessica Collins

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