CoverGirl truNaked Roses

   CoverGirl truNaked Roses 

    Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I had to go out of town for family matters, & then Thanksgiving happened & I stayed fairy quite on social media to just disconnect. Anyways, I have to talk about this palette from CoverGirl. It’s the second one I have of this series (nudes, goldens, & roses) & I was super excited for it.

    In this pallet you get 8 shades with 3 different textures for $9.99 USD at Target (but it’s sold elsewhere). The different textures are matte, shimmer, & sparkly. The packaging states this product is dermatology tested as well. It definitely is an eye catching palette. 

    So let’s here my thoughts & is it Foxé Dame Approved? I am TORN!!! Part of me wants to say yes because I love the shimmers (when wet). BUT I am going to have to say NOOOOOOO! I just can’t approve this particular palette for the following reasons. 

    1. There is too much fallout, its messy AF.

    2. The color pay off was very disappointing, I was heart broken because, I love these colors. 

    3. The biggest disappointment for me was the last 3 shades as you can see in my video swatch are damn near the same. I do not want to pay $10 for 8 shades & have 3 of them be the same, come on guys. With that said I linked it below if you still want to buy it LOL. 

    HOWEVER, I highly suggest buying the Nudes palette! I will do a review on that one next. 


The Foxé Dame 




Buy Here

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FTC DISCLAIMER – This review is not Sponsored nor are there any Affiliate links. Item has been purchased with my own money.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2017, Jessica Collins

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