Good Bye 2018, it was a rough one. I learned a lot about character flaws that I feel I have & how I desperately need to change these in 2019 & be the person I used to be, the person I know I am.

I also turned 30 yrs old & had a mini mid-life crisis if you will, acted completely out of character & I am very disappointed in myself for that. Hit some rough patches in a very significant relationship of mine for the first time ever & did not navigate that appropriately, which led to some very deep conversations. Fortunately, I can say things are on the mend.

I tend to trust to easily and share wayyyy to much personal information, especially with the wrong people. Sometimes I think my people picker is broken. I try to be friends with everyone & I don’t speak up when I need to, instead I contribute to the issue a lot of the time. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I care too much about what others think of me, when in reality their opinion is irrelevant to my life. I always chose to associate myself with the wrong people, while I watch the right people stand there and look at me in disappointment, as they have been my cheerleaders to bring out the best in me. My dumbass always self sabotages, by choosing relationships with others that I know will end up having negative consequences. It’s because I feel that I am not worthy of all the good in my life, but I am very wrong. I am very worthy of it, and starting now; I am not setting myself up for things to blow up in my face anymore for fear I don’t deserve to be happy, because I do deserve to be happy & I will be. I’m not playing games anymore & will be removing myself from the toxicity.

So cheers to getting rid of the toxic people in my life, & bringing in the ones that have my best interests at heart. Cheers to sticking by my guns and following through with my game plan for my career, personal life, & my physical/mental heath 🥂

I hope y’all have a great 2019! I thank 2018 for everything I have learned about myself & others. I hope that y’all have self reflected as well, & change the things in your life that you are not proud of or happy with. Be the best you possible, looking back gets you nowhere, you only have one life, so live it well.


The Foxé Dame


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